Construction Surveying Services

MESH Consulting provides construction surveying for projects throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia.

  • Control Establishment & Verification: establish perimeter control points and QC critical points to confirm accuracy and identify grade busts before the project starts.
  • Construction Stakeout: bridges, heavy highway, residential subdivisions, warehouses and data centers, structural steel and building foundations, and houseline stakeout.
  • Existing ground topographic surveys, earthwork analysis & site balancing
  • Redline As-builts: we prepare accurate and professional as-built plans for submission
  • Aerial (Drone) Surveys: we utilize the lastest drone technology to provide accurate and cost effective topo data
Our Service Area
Our Service Area

MESH = Contractor Success

Accurate control + check shots = accurate existing ground/conditions measurements

Accurate existing grade model = getting paid for every yard of dirt moved

Accurate existing grade model + accurate FG model = accurate earthwork quantities

Accurate earthwork quantities + Bench Mark adjustments = eliminate unnecessary earthwork, reduce project costs


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Questions? Call Now