GPS Machine Control Modeling

3D Virtual Construction Models

We take a different look at GPS Machine Control Modeling... we prepare 3D Virtual Construction Models. These models are "Survey Quality", giving the contractor the highest quality data possible, helping the contractor get the most out of their machine control investment.


During our procedure for preparing an accurate 3D Virtual Construction model, Professional engineers will review the plans for Quality Control, Accuracy, and Potential Constructability Issues.  We point out any discrepancies/conflicts and we will work with you and the design engineers to correct any design or constructability problems, while holding the intent of any design. All of this will be done long before any of these problems cause delays during the construction of the project.

We are experienced with preparing complex data including rough and fine road and pad grading, utilities, stormwater basins, and swales. MESH can also provide the data necessary for all stakeout including utilities, curbing, and other miscellaneous site improvements. All this data will be built to your specific standards…the way you like it.

We are experienced in preparing machine control data for everything from small residential projects to airport runways and  highways to warehouses and data centers.

In addition, we provide models for all manufacturers including Trimble, Topcon, and Leica.

Advantages of "Survey Quality" machine control DatA:

  • Conflicts and plan issues are identified and resolved prior to construction start.
  • The surface is built to the actual horizontal and vertical geometry and does not rely on the contours.
  • The contours drawn by the engineer are not accurate enough to use for any fine grading of sub base areas.  Most engineers do not draw the contours to match the details given for features such as basins and swales.
  • The data can be set up once and be used for both grading operations and stakeout of “hard” improvements such as utilities and curbing.

Survey quality data will reduce survey layout costs by:

  • Sharing the data with the surveyor will reduce calculation time.
  • Reduce survey costs due to less stakeout required.
  • Conflicts/plan inconsistencies are uncovered ahead of time and the surveyor will have the exact same information that is in the machines.
  • There will be less restake charges because the survey data can be stored and recreated with rover on the jobsite.
  • Lower survey costs in bid to Win More Jobs.  (Use your competitive advantage)

Serving Pennsylvania, Virginia, Deleware, and nationwide.

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